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Increased competitiveness due to a higher resource productivity and a system design

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Figure 4: Resource efficiency and business strategies in the Service Economy
  Types of business strategies:
Increased resource
closing material loops:
technical strategies
closing liability loops:
commercial / marketing strategies
reducing the VOLUME of the resource flow: Eco-products
dematerialized goods
multifuntional goods
more intensive utilization of goods
shared utilization of goods
selling utilization instead of goods
reducing the SPEED of the resource flow: Re-manufacturing
longer utilization of goods
long-life goods
service-life extension of goods
away-grading of goods and of components
re-marketing services
new products from waste
reducing VOLUME AND SPEED of the resource flow Technical system solutions
Krauss-Maffei PTS plane transport system
"skin" strategies
Systemic solutions
selling results instead of goods
selling services instead of goods
Source: adapted from Gianrini, Orio and Stahel, Walter R. (1989/1993) The Limits to Certainty, facing risks in the new Service Economy. Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston.

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