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    Work in a Sustainable Society 
    he Second Visser ’t Hooft Memorial Consultation, Multi-disciplinary debate on tomorrow’s issues for today

    Sponsored by The Ecumenical Leadership Foundation 5-11 June 1995 in cooperation with The Bossey Ecumenical Institute and the Programme on  Justice, Peace and Creation of the World Council of Churches. 

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Consultation Report

Preparatory & Background Documents

Acknowledgments & Preface   Working paper, Midge Béguin-Austin
Introduction Introduction to the issues, Larry Kohler
I. Guiding values Work in a Sustainable Society: Values for New Economic Relationships. Amata Miller, IHM

Job Creating Policies and the Environment: Non-market values in labor economies. Beat Bürgenmeier

II. Threats to sustainable society


Social and Environmental Dimensions of Trade Liberalization: Some Early Reflections on the World Trade Organization. Mariama Marjorie Williams

Work in a Sustainable Society - A View from Africa. Florence E. Ziumbe

Employment Possibilities in Central and Eastern Europe. András Z. Csanády and András R. Csanády

Development and Environment: a Perspective on Labour Force Employment and Poverty Eradication, a Viewpoint from Pacific Asia
. ZHANG Junzuo
III. Work in a sustainable society Labour, Restructuring of Production, and Development: A Point of View from Latin America. José Ricardo Ramalho

Labor Standards, Workers and the Ecumenical Movement. Alan Matheson

IV. Visualizing a sustainable society

The Iceberg Model of Unsustainable Economics
An Alternative Economic Perspective
Women and Work in a Sustainable Society. Maria Mies

Sustainable Growth and Employment. Hans Opschoor

V. Dilemmas: true and false Alternatives to the linear structure of the industrial economy. Notes from slide presentation, Walter Stahel
VI. Theological considerations


The Work of Human Beings as Creatures of God. Lukas Vischer

Commodity Relations and the Christian Moral View. András Z. Csanády

VII. The need for a new political culture Alternative Employment Models, Marc Lenders
See 1994 European Commission report: Growth, competitiveness, employment: The challenges and ways forward into the 21st Century. Chapter 8, "Turning growth into jobs".
VIII. Agenda for further study, debate and action Other bibliographical materials available during consultation
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