Reap the Rewards of Buddhist Practice




Buddhism - Zen - Master Ming Qi
Bouddhisme - Zen - Maitre Ming Qi
(en franšais)

Basic Doctrine

What's It All About?
(A Zen Sermon)
Qu'est-ce que tout cela?
(Un sermon Zen)
The Sutra of the Non-Dwelling Mind 
Soutra de l'Esprit sans Demeure
(en franšais)

Q&A concerning certain
Buddhist Doctrine

Since you asked:
The Dharma Lineage of My Master

 A Portrait Gallery

Good News

Bonne Route in the Tao


Home Page


Application in Everyday Life

Zen Tale: The Cat's Discourse  
(An amusing pause since all work and no play makes Jack a dull buddhist!)
Le discours du chat
(en franšais)
Buddhism and Science
Deconstruction of a Koan
(in english et franšais)

How to Practice

    An Important and Perplexing Question

For Advanced Students

The Diamond Sutra
(Introduction, Explanations and Commentaries by Ming Qi, Buddhist nun, Zen Master and Professor of Dharma)

49 Koans and suggestions for understanding, and exploiting them to advantage.
(N.B. "Koans" have NO answers!)
The Ten Ox-herding Pictures
(with Ming Qi┤s Comments)