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A Perspective on Labour Force Employment and Poverty Eradication

A Viewpoint from Pacific Asia
Zhang article, page 12

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Table 2: Differentiations in Reaction towards Environment and Development 
between Developed Countries and Developing Countries

Aspects of Development and Environment Developed Countries Developing Countries
Economies Post-industrial economies. Changing from primary sector into industrial economics.
Natural Resources Reconstructing the natural capital stock depleted in earlier stages of the development. Immediately dependence for their livelihood on the natural resources base by the majority of population; High value of natural resources added in the economies.
Unemployment Related to a cyclical phenomenon or one related to the high rate of automation in the economy. Related to a shortage of man-made capital and other complementary resources.
Environmental Problems Those related to the application of modern technology, to economic growth, to advances in technology and to high income and consumption levels. Those related to economic backwardness, poverty, unemployment, stagnant technology and slow growth in general.

Source: Massoud Karshenas, 1994: 740 and 743.

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