visser_logo_small.gif (1783 bytes)I. The Economist's Response to Ecological Issues
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dot.gif (101 bytes) Abstract dot.gif (101 bytes) A glittering anomaly
dot.gif (101 bytes) Introduction dot.gif (101 bytes) Steps already taken in environmental macroeconomics
dot.gif (101 bytes) The environmental-macro economics of optimal scale dot.gif (101 bytes) Carrying capacity as a tool of environmental macroeconomics
dot.gif (101 bytes) How big is the economy? dot.gif (101 bytes) Policy Implications
dot.gif (101 bytes) Cowboy, spaceman, or bull in the china shop? dot.gif (101 bytes) Acknowledgements & References


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Acknowledgements:  Helpful comments on this manuscript were received from M. Clark and R. Hueting.


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