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    Sustainable Growth: A Contradiction in Terms?
                                                       Economy, Ecology and Ethics after the Earth Summit
    Sustainability & Growth - Report Contents
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Abstract  and   Introduction

Consultation Report Preparatory Documents
I. The peril and the challenge a. The Economist's Response to Ecological Issues   Herman Daly
II. The reorientation of today's economies


The Response of the South to The Justice and Ecology Debate. Maximo Kalaw, Jr
III. Agenda for debate


The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, The "Earth Summit". Janos Pasztor
IV. The implementation of change


The Theme of Humanity and Creation in the      Ecumenical Movement. Lukas Vischer
V. Implication for the faith, the witness and the life of the churches


Obligations to Future Generations:  a Short Essay on the Ethics of Sustainability.
H. Ph. Visser 't Hooft
VI. Concluding reflections and proposals


Why the North Must Act First.
Ernst U. von Weizsäcker