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By Buddhism we mean the teaching of the Lord Buddha.
Our approach is that of the Chan (Zen) school, the objective being to help you on the way to realize your full potential by becoming a Buddha in this life.
The welcoming image is that of the historic Lord Buddha (Shaky-muni) gesturing (His right hand) the mudra of touching the earth: indicating that immediate reality, here and now, is the cure for illusions. His left hand is the mudra of teaching disputation. It is turning the Wheel of the Law (the symbol of Buddhism). Which is another way bud-dhists say: "To teach the doctrine."
The wheel changes into a lotus flower, which recalls the "Flower Sermon" by which, without uttering a word He transmitted the doctrine (to Mayakasyapa) by the technique of Zen.

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Annually since 2000: Histoire et Philosophie du Bouddhisme

 2006  -  Summer retreat in Zen Monastery, China
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Le Credo Philosophique d’une Bouddhiste européenne
English version - "The philosophical creed of a European Buddhist"
par Lily-Marie Johnson
Dans le cadre du Ier Festival francophone de Philosophie

Lecture given at Chinese National Zen Institute at Bali-Lin Ch’an Monastery, Zhao Zhou, Hebei, China, July 2552 B.E. (2008) by Buddhist nun, Ch’an Master and Professor of Doctrine Ming Qi, entitled: “How to Live and Die Free of Anxiety.

Lily-Marie JOHNSON, having been accepted as his disciple in 1994, was ordained a Buddhist nun and later declared a Zen Master on 25  February 2542 (1999) at the Bai-lin Cypress Forest Zen Monastery, Hebei Province, China, by Jing Hui, Zen Master of the Lin-Chi (Rinzi) School and disciple and Dharma successor of the Grand Master Xu Yun (Empty Cloud).   .